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Invictvs - Cheoy Lee 150' Marco Polo

Feb 26, 2013



By: Michel Karsenti

Photography: ShawMc-Cutcheon (Exterior) & Forest Johnson (Interior)

The intelligence, sophistication and efficiency of Asian manufacturing is a paragon of the industrial world and has never been called into question; though its consistency at quality output constantly is. As China’s industrial and hi-tec sector has matured over the decades however, and with so many advanced scientific and everyday household brand appliances now produced there, Michel Karsenti asks is there still justifiable reason to shy away from the ‘Made in China’ label? A careful study of Cheoy Lee’s latest 45m Explorer yacht convinces him… most certainly not! 

Read the full article from the link below:

The article is published in Invictvs Issue 2 - Winter 2013