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Sep 7, 2013

Cheoy Lee Shipyards is a world leader in Shipbuilding and manufacturing of World Class yachts. Family owned for over 140 years, they have a wealth of experience building high quality vessels. Visit for a full tour of their capability.

Throttleman Gene Weeks has been racing offshore since 1986. Having won many races in several different classes through the years, he is now coming to P1 after a 6 year sabbatical. Having worked for most of the high performance boat manufacturer's in the US as well as owning his own dealerships he is no stranger to the industry!

Driver Paula Weeks (Gene's wife) is new to offshore racing, she has a diverse background as a CDL licensed road truck driver as well as qualified to operate just about every piece of heavy equipment known to man. She is smart but aggressive.

This couple make a formidable partnership having just completed a two year contract living and working in China project-managing the new Alpha Express line for the Cheoy Lee factory.

ALPHA boats are slightly different from your standard super yacht and they are looking for the P1 SuperStock Championship to help generate awareness and showcase these incredible super-cruisers built for both comfort AND speed! Few more photos below and watch the video to see more!.


CL-Alpha - P1 SuperStock Series Sponsor - Feature