Our Advantage

Cheoy Lee has been building commercial craft continuously for 140 years. Over 5000 vessels have been built in the last 60 years alone, and these have ranged from fiberglass harbour launches, through aluminium patrol boats, up to heavy ocean going steel vessels over 60m (200feet) in length. The continuity of four generations of family ownership ensures that the wealth of experience accumulated over the years is retained and built upon through future generations. While technologies advance, the fundamental principals of how they should be applied remain the same. Cheoy Lee has a philosophy that is only found in business that are in it for the long run. With patience comes steady growth, and the development of strong, long standing client relationships. The reliable product and service that Cheoy Lee clients can be sure of sees Cheoy Lee with one of the highest rates of repeat clients in the business.

Cheoy Lee builds primarily in the three common boatbuilding materials of fiberglass, aluminium and steel. In each field, Cheoy Lee has distinct advantages.

Fibreglass. Largely as a result of Cheoy Lee’s yacht programme, the yard began experimenting with fiberglass, then cored composite materials, back in the 1950’s. As composite materials became ever more sophisticated, and new technologies such as resin infusion proved themselves suitable for yacht construction, Cheoy Lee recognized the need for specialist structural engineering know-how to fully harness the capabilities of these materials and techniques. In parallel with the yachts department structural engineering firms such as SP-High Modulus from New Zealand provided the cutting edge structural analysis for Cheoy Lee’s range of commercial vessels. Successful lines of GRP catamarans, pilot and


harbour craft take full advantage of the technology shared with the yachts department, such as resin infusion moulding, to produce the strongest, lightest and best performing composite commercial craft.

Aluminium/steel. Relocating to southern China in the late 1990’s bolstered Cheoy Lee’s capabilities in aluminium and steel considerably. The area was well established in steel and aluminium ship construction, and skilled, highly qualified and classification approved metal workers were widely available. Trained and led by Cheoy Lee’s own tradesmen from Hong Kong the departments offer excellent workmanship at competitive pricing.

Cheoy Lee’s experience also allows various combinations of these materials to be used. A steel hull with a GRP superstructure is a popular pairing to reduce top weight and maintenance requirements of the superstructure, yet maintain the rugged steel hull.

If it is a tried, tested and reliable product that you require to get the job done, Cheoy Lee has a range of commercial products to choose from.