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Yachtforums - Cheoy Lee 68' Long Range Cruiser

Jun 18, 2009

Cheoy Lee 68' Long Range Cruiser
A Trawler Disguised As A Motoryacht

by Judy Waldman

All too often, confluences of ideas get tangled and create an identity problem.
Not so with Cheoy Lee's new Serenity 68', a Long Range Cruiser that looks like a motoryacht,
but has magically bridged the gap between efficiency, function and style. Branded the 'Serenity'
series, this new trawler-yacht is set to become a favorite new pick in the passage-making community.

Combining traditional trawler qualities with modern motoryacht amenities, Cheoy Lee drawn on their rich history of building LRC hullforms and morphed this with a contemporary, stylish superstructure giving the overall appearance of a modern yacht. This isn't an old gal dressed in her Sunday best, but with a team of forty structural engineers working on improvements made possible by new technologies, the Serenity 68 is packed with innovative manufacturing processes.

The characteristics defining the Serenity 68 as a trawler are evidenced by her full displacement hull. Traditional, round bilge hull shapes effectively soften roll moments, but like any bottom with some rocker, they have a tendency to squat under power. To negate this, Cheoy Lee has incorporated soft chines that taper into a mild flat area in the aft section of the hull. The result is a boat with less squat and more get-up-and-go. And go, she will. With a 3,000 nautical mile range, the new Serenity series has true, transoceanic capability.

B.Y. Lo, the Vice President of Cheoy Lee, joined us aboard the Serenity 68 in preparation of a YF review. B.Y. is one of eight siblings and a co-owner of Cheoy Lee. A distinguished gentleman, he exudes humility as evidenced by his simple moniker: he is one of the owners of perhaps the oldest and most successful shipbuilding companies in the world.


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