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The Bravo Series 68 incorporates many new features

Nov 19, 2010

IT IS NO WONDER CHEOY LEE SHIPYARDS is in the perfect posi¬tion to come up with new solutions for innovative AND practical design. Shipbuilders to the world since 1870, Cheoy Lee has been through it all! Having had years of experience building commercial vessels that must operate efficiently 24/7, Cheoy Lee has been able to incorporate lessons learned into the luxury yacht sector.
The new Cheoy Lee Bravo 68, designed by Mike Burvenich, benefits greatly from the yard’s commercial experience. Similar to the other Bravo models this 68 is all cored resin infused construction built to the structural design of High Modulus. All tanks are integral with the hull which saves weight, adds capacity, doesn’t take away from interior volume, and adds strength to the hull structure. Moreover, there is a level of added safety as this method of construction yields a double bottom to most of the boat. Since the tanks cover the majority of the hull, if there is an accidental puncture— which is extremely difficult with a cored bottom— 
           then more than likely the hole would be in a tank but the hull integritywill be maintained and the vessel can make it back to port.
This newly designed 68 with contemporary interior boasts a 20’ beam, lending excellent interior volume while increasing stability. She has three spacious staterooms, and the saloon offers the best in ergonomics’ and entertainment with an open galley area featuring a comfortable wrap around dining table and eat-in bar. The main deck also offers a lower control station with a day head. The Bravo 68 features an efficient open bridge with a well proportioned helm console capable of fitting all the toys.
The 68’s engineering will incorporate many new exciting features including the latest in propulsion adding increased efficiency and ease of maneuvering, thus lowering crew dependency. Geared toward the owner operator, the 68 is both luxurious and economical to run.

For more information on Cheoy Lee please visit the website or contact Cheoy Lee North America, 801 Seabreeze Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33316PHONE 954-527-0999