RAmparts 2800 ASD Tug "PB Fitzroy"

Sep 26, 2008
Another new tug design from Robert Allan Ltd. to be built by Cheoy Lee, yard numbers 4923 and 4924 were built as sister ships for a Singaporean client. Such is the demand for this type of vessel, most notably associated with ship handling for mining concerns in Australia, both vessels were sold to an Australian charter organization before their handover to the original owner. Yard #4923 “PB Fitzroy” will be put into service in Australia, while the destination of her sister “PB King” is yet to be confirmed.
Sea trials on this new series confirmed that the vessels can exert a bollard pull of 62tonnes and run at a maximum speed of 13knots. Power comes from twin Niigata 6L28HX diesels, each developing 2,470hp and driving Niigata ZP-41A fixed pitch Z-drive propulsion units, affording maneuverability comparable to the Cheoy Lee Z-Tech series. Fully loaded, carrying 32,400gallons of fuel, 33,800gallons of water ballast and 3,300gallons of potable water, the tugs have a fully loaded displacement of 620tonnes.
A complement of 10 crew can be carried. Two 4-man cabins are located on the lower deck with the captain and chief engineer accommodated on the main deck, alongside the crew mess and galley. A Taiko Kikai SBT-15 sewage treatment plant is fitted.
On deck, there is a Mampaey 65tonne towing hook on the aft working deck, a Unitec double windlass and towing winch on the bow as well as two fire monitors mounted on the wheelhouse top. Construction is to Lloyds class, with the notation LR+100A1 TUG+LMC.
Principal Dimensions: 92’6” LOA x 37’9” Beam x 12’4” Draft