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Perfect Restoration - Cheoy Lee Offshore 40.....

Dec 12, 2006
These pictures show JILASI, an Offshore 40 built in 1966, a sailboat that looks as good as new.

Ben Stavis, who set up a network of owners of Rhodes Reliant and Offshore 40s built between 1963 and 1976, contacted us on behalf Graham Turell, the owner of this magnificent Offshore 40 for a replacement owner's plaque. He wrote:

"About 3 years ago Graham Turell purchased a dilapidated Offshore 40. Over the years,the boat has been restored professionally and is now just magnificent, every bit as beautiful as the day she was launched, if not even better. I visited Graham and his boat in Toronto on October 29, and was deeply impressed (and a little jealous) of the quality of the restoration.....

profile Regrettably, the original builder's plaque has disappeared..... As you appreciate, a builder's plaque is a bit like the eye of the dragon, and the restoration won't be complete until the plaque is installed. (Editor's note: A plaque is being made for Graham, compliments of Cheoy Lee)

This is at least the fourth full professional restoration of the Rhodes Reliant/Offshore 40 series. Many others are undergoing restorations by their owners. Cheoy Lee Shipyards can be proud that it built a boat of such lasting value."

We are indebted to Ben's kind words, and the tremendous effort Graham put into restoring JILASI. It made us proud. The JILASI was built by our father, before our generation (which is the fourth) became active in the family business.

We wish to congratulate Graham Turall of Toronto on a professional restoration of an Offshore 40 JILASI. The Yard No. is 1727 (we are approaching Yard No 5000 as we write). According to our records construction started on April 2, 1966, and was built for Preston Hasbrouch of San Francisco.

If you are interested to know more about our history, please visit our Notable Projects section.