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Commercial Shipbuilding Projects

Feb 8, 2007
Cheoy Lee builds both commercial and yacht models at its modern Hin Lee Shipyard facilities, in Doumen, China.

The slide show which follows is designed to briefly describe how a commercial shipbuilding project evolves into a finished product on the shop floor. Clearly a simplification of a complex process, we show the basic steps of hull fabrication, not the facilities and processes that augment the building process, nor the design and project management offices that support them.

The vessel featured is one of Cheoy Lee's most popular vessels of recent times. It is the Robert Allan designed Z-Tech tug, built to Lloyds Register of Shipping class. Since Cheoy Lee first launched their Z-Tech series in late 2005, vessels have already been delivered to all corners of the globe, including Panama, Australia, Singapore and the Middle East.