27m Z-Tech 6000 ASD Tug delivery

Apr 18, 2008
Star Opal is the latest in a long line of Z-Tech tug deliveries. The owners, PSA Marine, contracted the designer Robert Allan to create this very successful design, and PSA Marine continues to be Cheoy Lee’s leading client for these Z-Tech tugs. Star Opal is the twelfth Z-tech 6000 constructed for PSA Marine and will be the latest addition to their fleet of 62 tugs.
PSA Marine is Singapore’s port authority, and offers pilotage, towage, engineering and logistics services for the 100,000 or so vessels entering and leaving Singapore each year. As well as tugs Cheoy Lee has also supplied large numbers of pilot vessels to PSA Marine (almost their entire fleet), and other, special purpose craft, such as five 43m (141ft) potable water tankers, for their extensive operation.
Repeat orders from a loyal and satisfied client base, which includes governments and major international corporations, are one of the pillars in Cheoy Lee’s success.