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48 meter Anchor Handling Tug for Singapore

Aug 17, 2007

The "Lewek Kestrel", a 48 meter (158 feet) anchor handling tug, was recently launched. The vessel is being built to Lloyds Class +100 A1 Tug - Firefighting Ship 1 +LMC UMS for unrestricted service.
Propulsion is by twin Bergen C25:33L9P engines rated at 3,670 HP each at 750 RPM, driving 2.9 meter (9' 6") diameter controllable pitch propellers housed in nozzles. The designed bollard pull is 100 tonnes. The towing/anchor handing winch has a maximum capacity of 150 tonnes.
The sistership "Lewek Kea" is being built alongside the "Lewek Kestrel".  

Dimensions: 48 meters (158 feet) x 13 meter (42' 8") x 5.2 meter (17 feet) draft